Brand new Stash

Seven questions and seven answers from Stash mag editor Stephen Price.

Issue 44 of Vancouver-based Stash magazine – out May 5 – features animation and VFX eye candy from Psyop, Absolute Post and Three Legged Legs, among many others. Check the website to watch the trailer, flip through the book, get your own sub or find out where to buy it.

We had a chance to ask Stash editor Stephen Price what makes him happy and/or sad…

How do you select material to be included in the magazine?
The simple answer is we look for brilliant spots, virals, music videos, broadcast design, game cinematics and short films that push some boundaries of animation and VFX. But Stash viewers are spread across many professions and 50 countries, so actually defining ‘brilliant’ is not simple. Overall, we try to build every issue to be as relevant, surprising and inspiring as possible.

What makes a fantastic TV commercial?
1. Disarms you with humour. 2. Sucks you in with narrative. 3. Leaves you happier/smarter/motivated.

TV vs. YouTube in 12 rounds – who wins?
They slowly fuse together over the course of the fight. By the final bell, they are the same thing.

Do you ever skip the programs and watch only the commercials?
I don’t own a television or TiVo. I love the TV ad genre, but watching the selection from your local cable company is an extremely inefficient way to find the excellent ones.

What/who inspires you? What’s your anti-depressant?
I am in awe of many people, from Carravagio to Mies van der Rohe to Chip Kidd. But the answer to both questions has to be oxygen. I am definitely not a major exercise guy, but riding my bike full-tilt around Central Park is the best mood-lifter and idea generator.

Favorite music video of all time?
Bjork’s ‘All is Full of Love’ by Chris Cunningham.

What’s the VFX/animation trend you’d like to have put to sleep for ever?
All applied arts have their trends and looks that take too long to die. I just try to remember that the drippy paint, pop-up animations, flocks of birds and growing vines of this decade are the retro looks of 2028.