Aerial Nudes

Once-forgotten mile-high shots revealed.

Back in the ’80s, Auckland-based photographer John Crawford embarked on a three-year photographic journey using his 35mm camera, a nude model and a helicopter to capture a startling series of photographs he would later call “Aerial Nudes.” The process was laborious, meticulous and required Crawford to stage various outdoor scenarios for his model (an empty parking lot, a farmers’ field, a shipping yard) which he’d then shoot from over 600 feet above ground. When the series was complete, Crawford set aside the images in a shoe box and eventually forgot about them; that is until recently. Lucky for us, Crawford has finally decided to share this mysterious body of work on his website. Check it out. We’re in complete awe. (Ed. note: warning – in case the title didn’t give it away, these pictures involve nudity, and may not be totally safe for work.)

This week’s Frandoms are by John Loerchner & Laura Mendes, Labspace Studio.