This CBC doc explains that ringing in your ears.

This morning, like most mornings, I woke up to the clang and clatter of the condo building being constructed across the street. It’s an obvious annoyance, but I grin and bear it each morning because I have no choice. As a city dweller, I’ve come to accept the normalcy of living in a perpetually foggy haze of noise. But is this level of “noise” we experience in the city actually normal or healthy? According to Hark, a award-winning CBC radio documentary, we’re listening to sounds at a much louder rate (three times louder) than people did back in the 16th century. How has this shift affected our ability to listen? To interact with others?  Hark takes you on a sonic journey through Elizabethan England to get to the bottom of these surprisingly provocative questions. (Join our Campaign Against Noise, a new Labspace project inspired by Hark).

This week’s Frandoms are by John Loerchner & Laura Mendes, Labspace Studio.