DIY microcontroller

Arduino helps amateurs become tech pros.

Arduino, today’s most popular open source microcontroller, enables developers to build innovative, interactive and modular projects like wireless controllers to larger interactive robotics. This may seem like technobabble, but Arduino can sense a variety of environmental factors, like light, sound and movement, and interact with them as you like. For example, one popular use is to control a camera flash via sound – resulting in some awesome shots of water being manipulated (below) or you could built electronic clothing that interacts with the environment, light systems that change based on the music player and of course, you can always build robots! This is a great technology for anyone who has a DIY or hacker proclivity, but its also great for those wanting to test their skills in the digital control-board space because the robust online community using Arduino is there to help answer questions. Finally, it’s a great tool for developers on mobile platforms to build advanced interactive apps that can control these custom devices wirelessly. Check out their Flickr tag for inspiration.

This week’s Frandoms are by Paul Crowe at Bnotions.