Extreme birding

One man's painful hobby-turned-documentary.
12 11 09 prby

I want to change the stereotype that birding is only for older people. So I decided to create a documentary around my “big year” (see as many species as I can in a calendar year). But to smash the stereotype, I pledged to tattoo the Latin name of every bird I saw on my body. I’m hoping that I can interest a wider (and younger) audience in birding and the environment in general. I was inspired by Kenn Kaufman, a successful nature writer and birdwatcher who dropped out of high school and hitched 70, 000 miles (spending only $1,000) around North America to try and see all of its bird species in a year. My documentary should be out May, 2013. But I couldn’t have done it alone. Several people are freely donating their time to help me get it done. It’s beyond inspiring when people help you fulfill a dream.

This week’s Frandoms are by Paul Riss, ACD, DDB Toronto.