Random websites

For those days when you need pointless entertainment.

useless webJust when you thought you’ve reached the end of the internet, there’s more. I’m always amazed and intrigued by the infinity of what you can find online. And what’s better is the insane amount of creativity. For those moments where I expect my computer to entertain me without giving it anything, I often float to Stumbleupon. For days when I want more, there is Theuselessweb.com.

And like The Useless Web, sometimes I want somebody else to curate my online experience. Songza and Rdio are great for this, but it doesn’t offer much of an aesthetic experience. I want poorly cropped, animated gifs. I want music videos from the era when music videos were king. I want David Hasselhoff. This calls for The90sbutton.com.

Thank you, internet.

This week’s Frandoms are by Taralyn Carver, art director at Ottawa-based McMillan.