Macaframa fixed gear bikes

There's nothing to shift, except your blood pressure.

bikeIf you’re too lazy to get your ass off the couch, Macaframa will get your heart pumping. This is a cool website where you can go to read up on fixed-gear bikes and watch amazing videos of incredible fixed-gear bike riders. I love it because it’s 95% videos. There’s a good mixture of real lifestyle-type footage, along with really sexy over-crank footage. Fixed gear bikes aren’t for pussies. The rider is completely in charge of their ride. I live vicariously through these crazy peeps. I ride a fixed-gear bike, but I would never have the balls to rip through the streets like they do. The stunts they pull around San Francisco will land you in a coffin, but they don’t care. It’s inspiring when people live life second by second. These guys will get you pumped up.

This week’s Frandoms are by Izzy Ehrlich, editor at Rooster Post Production in Toronto.