The talented Thalente

This kid went from sleeping to skating on sidewalks.

Thalente Biyela is a once homeless youth from the streets of South Africa. He’s had to deal with some pretty tough odds, but now finds himself a force to be reckoned with in the skating community. In short, his tricks be sick. The currently in-production, feature-length documentary follows Biyela as he travels the U.S. working with the likes of Lance Mountain and Tom Asta, amongst other pro’s, as he tries to show them all his effortless skill on a board. I’ve watched as the project has gone from a premise to greenlit to production. I look forward to seeing the finished feature hitting the festival circuits soon, and after watching the profile video above, you should be too. The footage they’ve teased so far looks amazing, and I guess it has to be, to tell a story that’s so darn inspirational.

This week’s Frandoms are by Lauren Horn, editor at School Editing in Toronto.