A place where people can find out how to avoid eye contact.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.42.53 PMOkay, it may not be the “cool new thing,” but this subreddit is a guaranteed portal to something at least somewhat interesting every time you go. In its own words, Internetisbeautiful is where people can post “awesome websites that offer a unique service.” The beauty is, that can mean anything. For example, just now I came across one site dedicated to helping a person¬†avoid human contact (consider it bookmarked) and, right below it, another one that actually helps you achieve it (and not in a Tinder-type way). It’s a great place to find functional new tools and inspiring uses of browser-based technologies.

¬†This week’s Frandoms are by Jamie Umpherson, a copywriter and sort of art director based in Toronto.