Bistro a Champlain

A Quebec resto that's a complete stimulation of the senses.

Bistro_champlainMy co-creative director Olivier Tran recently introduced me to this charming, but well-renowned wine bar in St-Marguerite in the Laurentians when working with our Montreal team. The setting is stunning as it sits right on Lac Masson. It serves amazing local Quebec food paired with one of the best wine lists in the country. And since it was opened by chef Champlain Charest and painter Jean-Paul Riopelle, inspiration is everywhere with original paintings on the walls. Riopelle started Les Automatistes in Montreal with a group of other modern artists in Quebec and his works are in good company on the bistro walls. It’s a complete stimulation of the senses.

This week’s Frandoms are by┬áLisa McCoy, co-creative director at Transcend3.