Catch the Crimson Wave

These ladies want to talk to you about your period.

Crimson WaveLet’s be real – we’re having a bit of a menstrual moment in advertising. Hello Flo went viral with “The Camp Gyno” and “First Moon Party,” Kotex cut through the B.S. of traditional, twirly tampon ads with its “U by Kotex” campaign, and o.b. answered some frank and direct questions with honesty and humour at So the timing of The Crimson Wave podcast couldn’t be better.

Local comedians Natalie Norman and Jess Beaulieu started this podcast back in February, and currently boast a collection of over 40 episodes where they chat with other hilarious women (and men!) about first periods, sex, birth control, and other topics that don’t usually make it onto your favourite comedy podcast. Through stories and anecdotes, they seek to demystify all things Aunt Flo, and take the stigma away from mentioning your menses. It’s fun and educational! And in addition to the podcast, you can watch their weekly live stand-up show at Toronto’s Comedy Bar.

This week’s Frandoms are by Cristina Markham, copywriter at JWT Toronto.