Maps about nothing

Take your Seinfeld trivia knowledge to the next level.

Jerry SeinfeldSeinfeld was, famously, a “show about nothing.” But for a show with ostensibly no real plot or theme, it has generated a ridiculous amount of trivia. From online quizzes to pub nights to fake Twitter accounts, the show that ended 16 years ago is still being dissected and discussed. And now, it’s being mapped. Maps About Nothing is possibly the nerdiest Seinfeld compendium out there.

Put together by Toronto-based Seinfeld aficionado Dan Zinman, it catalogues every single location in the history of the show. Even locations and countries that were only just mentioned made it onto the grid. You can search by episode, character, or season. So get your procrastination on, and find out where Bob Sacamano’s been hiding this whole time. Once you’ve learned all there is to know about Seinfeld locations, check out Dan’s trivia night, the Seinfeld Super Terrific Happy Hour.

This week’s Frandoms are by Cristina Markham, copywriter at JWT Toronto.