Here’s a rad chick

Meet Ecca Vandal. She's an in-your-face artist on the rise.

eccaCall her Ecca Vandal. She’s an in-your-face, high-energy and very stylish and talented new artist on the rise from Melbourne, Australia, my home town. Described as the love child of MIA and Gwen Stefani, Ecca has taken the indie music scene by storm, with her first single White Flag being nominated as Rolling Stone Single of The Year, and with a second single, Battle Royal, just released. Ecca has gone from zero to 100 in a short space of time, and is starting to really pick up. Here’s a link to an interview she had recently with Catalogue Magazine. Aside from her awesomeness, Ecca just so happens to be a great friend of mine, and a lovely human. She and her crew are looking to plan a North American tour sometime in the near future, with a stop in Toronto a sure thing. Keep your eye on this one.

This week’s Frandoms are by Ros Di Sisto, senior colourist at Smith in Toronto.