Photographer Nan Goldin

It's difficult to turn your eyes away from these images.
Nan 1

I absolutely LOVE photographer Nan Goldin’s work. She’s been a huge influence on me, creatively. I have been experimenting with film myself, trying to achieve similar looks, but really, the more I dive in, the more respect I have for her incredible eye. Unfortunately I don’t frequent the same colourful friendship circles as she once did, so my photographs are, by comparison, somewhat… mild. There was an incredible take on her work at a great little gallery in Australia called Heide Museum. Instead of having her images displayed on the wall, a darkened cinema room played a 45 minute slideshow of her huge backlog of work, set to a musical piece composed specifically for it. It was incredibly moving and I found it to be a far more engaging way of viewing artwork.

This week’s Frandoms are by Ros Di Sisto, senior colourist at Smith in Toronto.