Bar Isabel

It's like you've stumbled into a hidden bar somewhere in Barcelona.

Bar IsabelVery often I go into a restaurant and I think, “Why the hell did you open a restaurant if you make crappy food?”  It seems so obvious to me – if you’re going to make food, make it absolutely delicious. And this is exactly what they’ve done at Bar Isabel, particularly nailing it for me with the foie gras toast. When you walk into the restaurant on College St in Toronto, you are instantly taken to a different place, it’s as if you’ve stumbled into a small hidden bar off Las Rambla, Barcelona. They even have absinthe on the menu to add to the experience. It’s just as much about the atmosphere as it is the food: the dim lights and decor almost improve the flavour of each bite.

This week’s Frandoms are by Charlie Janson, a freelance consultant for audio house Apollo Studios, music platform Apollo Music Store and stunt company, 1One productions.