No Lights, No Lycra

Talk about feeling free. Could you dance in the dark with strangers?

no lights no lycraNo Lights, No Lycra is a global dance community providing an inclusive and non-judgmental place for people to explore their killer moves. On any given Monday in Toronto, you could walk into a basement dance hall that is completely dark, the DJ starts playing and you let completely loose. Yes, that’s right, you are dancing in the dark with a bunch of strangers and it’s amazing. It’s surprising how free you feel without anyone watching you, at one point I’m pretty sure I danced right into someone who was doing an interpretive dance number lying on the ground. NLNL has locations around the world and if you don’t have one in your city you can always become an ambassador and start one.

This week’s Frandoms are by Charlie Janson, a freelance consultant for audio house Apollo Studios, music platform Apollo Music Store and stunt company, 1One productions.