The Fat Jew

This insta celeb once judged a pregnant wet t-shirt contest.

fat jewJosh Ostrovsky (a.k.a the Fat Jew) is best known as a comic instagram sensation with almost four million followers. I recently had the pleasure of hearing him speak in Austin at SXSW (well, actually speaking while getting a rose pedicure on stage). During his talk he thanked Instagram for making his life so f*#king weird because social media has allowed him to have some of the most bizarre life experiences that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise. He went on to show the laughing crowd pictures of him getting a pedicure with Katie Couric and judging a pregnant women’s wet t-shirt contest. His comedic style can definitely be described as inappropriate and obviously hilarious.

This week’s Frandoms are by Charlie Janson, a freelance consultant for audio house Apollo Studios, music platform Apollo Music Store and stunt company, 1One productions.