Canada Cool

A trivia map worthy of any cocktail party (or elementary school class).

Canada CoolClick on any one of the cities and towns shown on this interactive map of Canada, and find trivia about it worthy of any cocktail party (or elementary school class). For example: “Canada is home to the steepest, tallest cliff anywhere on earth – Mont Thor, Nunavut.” Or: “Leslie Nielson was the son of a Mountie and raised in the Northwest Territories.” The links also provide a photograph of the area and more information. Canada Cool was a pet project of Lucy Izon, a Toronto-born travel journalist whose work appeared in major newspapers all over North America. Unfortunately, Lucy succumbed to cancer last August, and didn’t live to see her beloved home country celebrate its 150th year. But, her friends and family have kept the site up-and-running, and it still delights. I hope it always will.

This week’s Frandoms are by John Miziolek, president and founder of Reset Branding and Design