Hair comes the summer

A simple solution to boost your hair immune system (yes, it has one).

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.17.56 AMColour your hair? Don’t lie… The summer brings the sun, and also the lighter shades of “Giselle”-looking hair. Most of us already have colour-treated hair, so when we line up at our stylists chair begging to go blonder for the summer months we forget about the damage our poor head of hair will endure.

Enter Ultra Bond Seal.

New to Canada and created by a doctor, Ultra Bond Seal is a natural herbal based complex, and uses 20 different oriental herbs and plants that reinforce hair bonds and repairs the cuticle inside and out. The product is a bond multiplier that will increase the immune system of hair structure before any chemical services, allowing you to achieve your colour of choice without the breakage you might have otherwise seen.

Hair… check!

Bathing suit… check!

Summer… check!

This week’s Frandoms are by Lauren Shirreffs, a partner at digital marketing agency 2Social.