Getting it on in space

Sexploration is just a donation to Pornhub away!


Pornhub has filmed people getting it on in so many places that it appears to have run out of locations. So it’s going to space. To film people. Having sex.

If you’re like us, then you’re still scratching your head after watching the video below, which is meant to bring in dough for the porn site’s Indiegogo crowdfunding initiative to create the first-ever sex tape in space. We’re still not entirely sure how this will work, given the years of training required to fly to space. But, if any two are up for the job, it’s Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins, two porn stars who have agreed to be in the film and fulfill their second life’s dream, (after being porn stars, of course) of becoming astronauts. “Three, two, one… blast off!” will have so much more meaning if this so-called “Sexploration” takes off.