Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

A podcaster who immerses himself (and you) in the muck of history.

Podcasting is a thing now right? According to the 
interwebs, we’ve entered the golden age of the medium. Case in point: Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. It feels a bit like you’re eavesdropping on story time at the Legion hall after an evening spent swilling double rye and cokes; it’s always interesting but prone to wild tangents and not-so-quiet introspection. Dan’s style is brash and engaging, his approach broad yet focused. He really immerses himself in the muck of history – which serves him well when doing a show on, say, the insufferable realities of trench warfare. A word to the wise – not only is his subject matter epic, so are his running times. The average show clocks in around four hours, or to put that in terms you podcasting greenhorns will understand, it’s a half season of a Netflix show per episode. Be sure to check out his five-part history of the Mongols – the fact that he calls it Wrath of the Khans should be reason enough to give it a listen.

This week’s Frandoms are by Chris Lihou, copywriter at Wax Calgary

Dan Carlin