The minds behind the Brothers Quay

The identical twins have some (frighteningly) serious cinematic chops.

Brothers Quay
Recently, Hollywood mega director Christopher Nolan premiered his new documentary on the Brothers Quay. For those of you who haven’t seen anything by the avant-garde stop motion animators you should stop reading and start YouTubing. Their work recalls a fever dream, something so surreal it’s as if Ray Harryhausen, Hunter S Thompson and Marilyn Manson spent the weekend getting high making movies together – it’s that strange.  Don’t let the 90s goth rock reference throw you, the Brothers Quay have serious cinematic chops and rank among the most influential in their field. And nowhere is that influence felt more than in the preamble to the main event: the title sequence. Just look at the most recent season of American Horror Story – it’s got the Quay’s cold, creepy little fingerprints all over it.  Apparently the pair has even made commercials for the likes of such well-known brands as Nikon and Partnership for a Drug-Free America, which, if you happen to find the latter, given its supreme weirdness, actually has the opposite than intended effect.

This week’s Frandoms are by Chris Lihou, copywriter at Wax Calgary