Breaking Bad gets real

MythBusters attempts to debunk Heisenberg's epic booby trap gun.


I don’t know if this qualifies as inspiration but it certainly qualifies as random cool. Like many of you, I followed Breaking Bad’s seven mind-blowingly badass seasons with something approaching religious fervour. My art director partner and I would spend hours deconstructing every string of dialogue, every plot twist, every expertly crafted frame. In a show never short on provocative material nothing seemed to ignite more debate than the plausibility of Breaking Bad’s science. Well, it seems we weren’t the only ones ruminating on Heisenberg’s evil genius. Recently, MythBusters attempted to debunk the epic booby trap machine gun smack down that closed out the series. I won’t spoil the fun for you but I’ll say this – Vince Gilligan’s genuinely chuffed expression might be better than a roomful of Neo-Nazis getting a face full of hot lead.

This week’s Frandoms are by Chris Lihou, copywriter at Wax Calgary