Fancy furniture inspired by the Fibonacci sequence

A modular shelf that can be assembled into a variety of shapes.


There’s something about being a writer (more specifically, a male writer) that makes you hyper-aware of your perceived masculinity. It’s as if every handshake involves a covert probing of your palms for any sign of the kind of callous cred one can only earn through manual labour. Or maybe it has nothing to do with being a writer and it’s just me. Either way, over the past few years I’ve been putting my hands to work designing and building furniture. This recent work by U.K.-based designer Peng Wang is a truly breathtaking example of balance, form and function working in total harmony. The Fibonacci modular shelf can be assembled into a variety of shapes and is based on the principles of the Fibonacci sequence – a series of numbers in which the next number is created by adding the two proceeding numbers together. I ain’t so good at math, but I do know the results are damn gorgeous.

This week’s Frandoms are by Chris Lihou, copywriter at Wax Calgary