Angle trickery

The waves that Alex Beker captures are mini, but they're also mighty.


I love water. The way it moves. Clambering on the rocks of Ragged Falls up at the edge of Algonquin, the domesticated swimming hole tumbles down the gorges of Ithaca, NY. And there at its edges, I somehow sympathize with the mammals that have crawled back into the sea — the manatee, the dolphin, and Alex Beker.

Alex lived up there, art directing for a while (he once spent 11 years working at agencies like Grey Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, Y&R, Taxi, Juniper Park, among others) but then relocated to a place about six meters off the coast of Florida. Now he just posts these photos of waves. At first they were funny, how tiny ripples framed into appearing as world class barrels. But I just love how much variety there is in a tiny square bit on the surface of the ocean.

This week’s Frandoms are by Sean Gallagher, a freelance copywriter in Toronto.

Alex Beker1 DCIM188GOPRO Alex Beker3 DCIM147GOPRO