Goodies dripping in pop-culture

Baked goods just got sweeter.

baked goods

Ever wondered where Sam James Coffee Bar gets his pop-tarts and cookies? Look no further fam, they’re created by Toronto baker, Lindsey Gazel. Lindsey Bakes is a one-woman show who makes her creations inside the Blood Brothers brewery studio (another local gem). She’s created cookies for OVO, Soop Soop pop-up shops, No Fun, and has made some amazing Seinfeld and Woody Allen cookies. Her baked goods are definitely a piece of art and are delish, and she does commissioned pieces for the everyday soul. Check out her goodies here or on Intsa @lindseygazel.

This week’s Frandoms are by Michelle Colistro and Caroline Friesen, copywriter and art director (respectively) at Camp Jefferson in Toronto.

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