An immersive ride through the snow

McDonald's captures the speed of "skijorning" in a 360-degree video.

Most of the 360-degree videos we’ve seen are pretty lackluster. It might be interesting if you’re watching on some kind of VR device. But those that appear on YouTube tend to be pretty bland, with the ability to “look around” as the video plays, but not really adding much to the experience, feeling more like a gimmick.

But thankfully, there are cowboys.

McDonald’s Canada first enlisted genuine Calgary cowboys last summer to prove the quality of the beef in its then-new Mighty Angus burger. It’s brought them back as part of a winter version of the campaign┬áby Cossette, showing them “skijoring,” or being pulled on skis through the snow with their horses, which is apparently a thing people do. If that seems like the kind of super-cool, fast-paced action that you would never, ever do, McDonald’s was thinking the same thing, creating a 360-degree video from the perspective of one of the cowboys.

It does a surprisingly good job of capturing the speed of skijoring as the landscape and obstacles whiz by. Plus, there’s stuff to look at from every angle, be it checking out that stump you just missed hitting or figuring out what happened to the other skiier. We swear he was there a second ago…


Brand: McDonald’s Canada
Agency: Cossette
Chief Creative Officers/Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi & Carlos Moreno
Art Director: Angela Sung
Copywriter: Owen Milburn
Agency Producer: Clair Galea
Account Executive: Tyler Kawa
Account Director: Matt Coulson
Group Account Director: Heidi Mamer
VP, National Brand Director: Kathy McGuire
Production House: Skin and Bones
Editing House: Rooster
Editor: Paul Proux
Media: OMD