Muskoka’s legendary beast lives

Instigator helps the brewery pull off a hoax.

Oddity Hoax 1

Naturally, the most Canadian cryptozoological character would be a giant bird with antlers (Bigfoot can take a blurry hike).

Last week, a number of local businesses, politicians and a radio station began sharing photos of sightings of a strange creature flying around the Muskoka area that looked like a large brown eagle with giant antlers. The “#MuskokaOddity” was apparently the talk of the (admittedly small) community all week, until Muskoka Brewery revealed the sighting to be a hoax perpetrated by the craft brewer, Instigator Communications and a handful of people and organizations willing to go along with the joke.

The creature, of course, is the “reineagle,” the cuddly little guy that appears on cans of Muskoka Brewery’s Legendary Oddity beer, and the hoax was an effort to drum up awareness, since the spring brew is set to re-appear on store shelves in just a few weeks.


Brand: Muskoka Brewery
Agency: Instigator Communications