See the world through unusual eyes

Brock Davis' Insta is a beautiful, clever celebration of perspective.


Brock Davis’ Instagram page is a selection of unique and eye-catching images that challenge the viewer to explore visual similarities and details that are all around us, yet rarely noticed.

He describes his work as being “rooted in concepts that focus on the mundane, familiar objects of every day life and suggest a rejuvenated way in which to perceive them. The familiar becomes new, the ordinary, extraordinary.”In a world of endless scrolling, it’s refreshing to find something that makes you stop and do a double-take.

This week’s Frandoms are by┬áSam Rudykoff and Anthea Mislan, CW and AD (respectively) at Fuse Marketing Group.

BD_cake_ramp BD_banana_tree_stump BD_cotton_ball_cloud