Meet the Frogmoms

Strawberry Frog makes a business case for more women in the agency world.

As Mother’s Day approaches (you’ve mailed that card and booked that brunch already, right?), brands are pushing out their sentimental appeals. But one agency is making a rational business case for the value of moms in its workplace.

New York-based Strawberry Frog has created a “Mom is not a bad word” campaign leading up to Sunday. In a video on its website, some of its executives and directors, who are also moms, outline the perils of agency life – intense, stressful, unpredictable – and the difficulty of doing both jobs well. But aside from the personal toll, the campaign posits that not accommodating moms in the workplace is just bad business. What about all the clients trying to target them?

As Strawberry Frog CEO and founder Scott Goodson puts it, “If you think about it, moms are the largest consumer in America. So how can you have only young people and men try to come up with ideas for a mom? Why shouldn’t moms be able to come up with ideas that are going to motivate other mothers to want to buy products?”