Ikea goes avant-garde

This odd-but-beautiful spot doesn't show a single piece of furniture from a much-hyped upcoming collection.

Ikea commercials have gone to strange and/or fantastical places before, but never quite like this.

Three Danish agencies –¬†Nikextension, Barkas and Kuhl & Solvstrom – teamed up to create this new spot, which starts with the kind of empty apartment most people tend to fill with Ikea furniture. However, this particular space gets filled with a clear glass orb that rolls on its own across the floor, floating blankets and what looks like a pair of cloth-draped couches that melt into the floor.

While a bit odd, going with hyper-stylistic imagery makes sense. The spot is a teaser for a soon-to-be-released collection between Ikea and super-trendy Danish furniture manufacturer Hay, which uses minimalist designs similar to Ikea’s but with more of a lux status (and price point).


Brand: Ikea
Agencies: Nikextension, Barkas, Kuhl & Solvstrom