Renault summons the romance

In a new spot for the Fluence GT 2, the automaker sets the practical reasons for learning to drive aflame.


So much of the driving experience is mundane. There’s the traffic. There’s the routine. There’s the traffic again.

What was once viewed as a life-altering symbol of adulthood and freedom has become somewhat, well, pedestrian. It’s easy to forget that you probably once imagined driving as more than taking the kids to school, going to the supermarket and getting to work on time.

In its new spot for Renault, “Why did you learn to drive?”, Publicis Buenos Aires drives circles around that disenchantment and tries to bring back the romance. It’s beautifully shot, which doesn’t hurt, and the concept is pretty clever: all the car’s quotidian uses are reduced to abstractions at the centre of a dirt track the car is racing around. Finally the office is reduced to flames and the driver is free to let loose.


Advertiser: Renault Argentina
Agency: Publicis Buenos Aires
Executive creative director: Fabio Mazía
Art director: Sebastián Beretta
Creative team: Sebastián Visco, Ezequiel Orlandi, Juan Goldztein
Agency executive producer: Patricia Abelenda
Production company: Landia
Director: Julián Fernández
Senior producer: Ludmila Herms
Executive producer: Adrián D’Amario
Line producer: Diego Dutil
Photography director: Marcos Hastrup
Post executive producer: Julián López Cóppola
Music: Pendex Music