Four hours of McDonald’s food prep

Who wants to watch paint dry when you can watch hour-long loops of bacon sizzling on a skillet?

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.47.06 PM

You eat breakfast, you go to work, you wait. You wait for the next chance you get to eat again. And if you’re like us, that involves a lot of looking at the clock, and practising your telekinesis skills in an effort to move the little hand.

Apparently McDonald’s has the solution to help you get through your four-hour morning woes, and that is the Zesty BLT More-Ning McWrap.

“It’ll get you through the morning,” says the brand in the caption that belongs to the spot below, “just like this four hour video.” Ridiculously, the brand actually created a four-hour video that features the ingredients inside this apparently satisfying wrap being prepared. So there’s sizzling bacon, steamy scrambled eggs, fresh lettuce being tossed, a chef julienning tomatoes, and the cheesiest cheese sauce being stirred about and making us salivate with envy. Go ahead, skip ahead to watch them all.

Also, take a look at the less bizarre, more emotional spot below, which is also supporting the new wrap that’s being positioned as a morning-saver.