Infobesity is a thing now

French publication Influencia keeps it surreal in its pitch against excessive media consumption.


The idea of information calories, or feeling bloated from media consumption, is a common 21st-century affliction in the developed world. We’re inundated with content from TV, the internet, social networks and the phones that buzz incessantly in our pockets.

French ad publication Influencia has come up with a shockingly surreal way to personify our collective gluttony, in a new campaign from Glory Paris. The campaign features portraits where the faces are replaced by flabby torsos.

In a statement, the agency’s founders say we’ve become “info-bulimic,” consuming information without verifying it before seeking out more when we aren’t satisfied. The “Musclez votre esprit” campaign (which translates roughly as “Flex your mind”) is an “homage” to Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte.

The campaign offers up Inluencia as the antidote to infobesity, providing a venue for reflection, a form of exercise in the information age.

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Via Adweek