Tequila made in Tequila

A tequila queen, volcano adventures and snake-eating buddies in a town of 26,000 agave-loving residents.
tequila queen

You can’t go wrong with a name-jacking campaign. Just ask New Balance, or even Nike. We’re just surprised no one ever thought of this play-on-names marketing ploy before.

Meet Tres Agaves. It’s a tequila made in Tequila, a town of 26,000 who live in a valley flourishing with the blue agave plant. Most tequila is made in the surrounding areas of Tequila, northwest of Guadalajara, and in the central western Mexican state of Jalisco (according to ye ol’ faithful Wiki). But this tequila has its origins in the actual town, and the people (specifically the team at Trinchero Family Estates, which does its marketing and sales) behind Tres Agaves have deemed this tidbit exciting enough to base its entire campaign around.

Below are three spots that have come out of Tres Agave’s launch campaign, using real people from the Tequila Valley. These quirky characters are the real heroes of the campaign, so much so that they’re being shown off in a series of collector cards that are being given out in stores. The brand has even gone as far as creating “Tres TV,” which has the feel of a “local cable access program” and, when it launches in December, will give viewers live feeds from deep in the agave fields and even inside one of the town’s tequila tasting rooms.

“As a challenger brand, this campaign lets us tell intriguing stories and imbue Tres Agaves with a distinctive personality while establishing it as an artisanal brand made in the Tequila Valley,” said Jay Turner, marketing director, spirits at Trinchero Family Estates, in a release. “The full impact of this campaign is to bring the experience of Tequila’s charismatic town, colourful people and authentic spirit directly to the consumer.”


Advertiser: Tres Agaves
Agency: BSSP