PETA gives animals the high ground

The organization creates Animals For the Ethical Treatment of People for a different perspective on animal cruelty.

“Today I want to talk about milk,” the cow says. It’s hard to not keep watching since his lips move in that funny cow way and it is, after all, a cow talking about milk.

But it gets dark pretty quickly. “Millions of female humans are artificially inseminated the moment they’re old enough to conceive,” he says. They produce milk for 10 months, and then they’re inseminated again.

Oh, we see where this is going.

Similar story in another video starring a gander. “You know what’s disgusting?” he asks, rhetorically. “I’ll tell you what’s disgusting. Foie gras!”

The spots by MullenLowe Singapore for PETA Asia Pacific flip the script on some unsavoury food production practices to show how barbaric they would be if applied to humans.

The women are forced to stand on concrete all their lives, the cow tells us. And how do me make them produce more milk than they normally would? “Genetic manipulation! Antibiotics! Hormones! Like some twisted science fiction horror, we make each women produce more than 20,000 pounds of milk a year!”

The messages are from Animals For the Ethical Treatment of People. “They would never do it,” a voiceover says at the end of the videos. “Help us put an end to this horror.”

via Adweek