The many faces of discomfort

Purdue Canada hopes those who suffer from constipation will see themselves in KBS Montreal's latest spot.

A touch of humour goes a long way when marketing pharmaceuticals for conditions people may feel a bit embarrassed about. Remember how well Viagra did with a sly smile back in the day?

Senokot, marketed as a natural overnight constipation remedy, is likewise smirking with its latest work from KBS Montreal. A new video ad shows faces before and after receiving sweet relief.

“The idea is to also show the consumer that constipation is nothing to be embarrassed about,” said Ryan Brown, associate product manager of Purdue Pharma, which owns Senokot. “With a light touch of humour, we remind consumers that a natural, overnight solution exists for their problem.”

Client: Purdue Pharma
Agency – KBS Montréal
Creative director: Sacha Ouimet
Creative team: Sacha Ouimet, Marianne De L’Isle, Patricia Doiron
Strategic planning and account services: Sonya Bacon
Production house: Les Enfants
Director: Maxime Giroux
Director of photography: Marc Simpson-Threlford
Producer: Céline Ceillier
Postproduction: MELS
Music: Apollo