Superfood for super livestock

Rain43 uses Tasty-inspired recipe videos to show how well Stubborn Farmer feeds its animals.


One of the most pervasive formats for food-related videos online today are those overhead recipe videos, popularized by Buzzfeed’s food site Tasty and inspiring dozens of others to take a similar approach to offering step-by-step recipes on social media. But the next one of these videos you see might not be for you.

A series of new videos, created by Toronto’s Rain43, start simply enough, tossing vegetables and other greens into a single bowl. The end result looks beautiful and fit for your next dinner, but then the video cuts to who will actually be eating it today: chickens, cows and pigs.

The videos are for Stubborn Farmer, a farm based in the small town of Beaverton, Ontario that delivers weekly shipments of produce and meat it grows/raises itself to customers in Toronto. While you get a hint that something is up when worms and insects get tossed into the bowl, you wouldn’t guess its actually lunch for livestock until you see them chowing down. That’s the idea behind the videos, which are currently being pushed through social media: the only way Stubborn Farmer can make sure you eat healthy is to make sure its animals eat healthy, too.


Brand: Stubborn Farmer
Agency: Rain43
Executive Creative Directors: Jane Murray, Dave Stubbs, Duncan Porter
Director/DOP/Senior Art Director: Ian Taylor
Copywriter: Megha Kumar
Editor/Designer: Hilary Mason
Producer: Christine Harron, Agnes Fekete
Account Supervisor: Paisley McNair
Account Executive: Jackie Sands
Planner: Liam Brown