The Lost Wallet project

Atlantic Credit Unions left full wallets in public to see if Canadians are as trustworthy as hoped.

Credit unions have long differentiated themselves from big banks by focusing on ideals of trust and fairness. Atlantic Credit Unions believes those values are also important to the people and communities they serve, and they recently decided to put that theory to the test.

The organization of credit unions in the Atlantic provinces gathered 12 wallets and filled them with $100 in cash, a debit card, receipts and various loyalty cards, as well as a contact number. The wallets were then left in places across Atlantic Canada to see if people would do the right thing and try to get the wallets back to their rightful owners.

Nine of the 12 wallets were returned, and the good Samaritans who returned them got a chance to record their reasoning for doing so in a new video.

The good-natured souls also got to keep the cash inside the wallets they found, while Atlantic Credit Unions also made a donation to the charity of their choice.