I’ll stop the world and run with you

Nike says it takes everyone to keep things spinning.
Nike Choose Go

What makes the world go round? Is it money? Is it love? Is it friendship?

Maybe it’s us.

Nike’s new global campaign puts that theory into creative practice. Portland-based agency Must Be Something came up with a concept right out of an apocalyptic disaster movie: the world had stopped turning on its axis.

Rather than go for a horrifyingly realistic depiction of what would happen if the world were to stop spinning (long story short: you’re toast), Nike opted for a creative solution. Much like a hamster keeps his wheel spinning by running, so do the people on the planet. What starts as a single woman’s mission to keep the world spinning turns into a global movement.

Nike even recruited big stars like Kobe Bryant, Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink and Bill Nye (yep, the science guy) for the spot — because would you really expect Nike to go anything other than big?


Client: Nike
Agency: Must Be Something