The robots are coming

Animation studio Tendril has brought Autostore into the future.

A Norwegian tech company has big plans for the future of storage.

Autostore just released a promotional video in collaboration with design and animation studio, Tendril, to bring their robotic system to light and help some of us out with our organizational deficiencies.

Tendril stepped into the future for this campaign, depicting a crowded warehouse full of boxes seemingly organizing itself — lifting, flipping and slotting into place with the touch of a screen.

Behind the scenes, Autostore’s technology — which has been in development for over 20 years — involves a sorting algorithm and 100W robots, which move along a grid system to find, sort and retrieve your stuff.

Now if only they could help me find my keys.


Client: Autostore
Marketing director: Magne Hatteland
Production company: Tendril