Estadão gives a voice to the voiceless

The Bold Agency helped a newspaper in Brazil get the word out about abuse.


Thanks to the #MeToo movement, many prominent women have spoken out about abuse.

A barrage of shocking stories from rich and famous women have rightly garnered headlines around the world. While this is a step in the right direction, many more stories of non-celebrity women have not received the same level of attention.

Estadão set out to change that. The leading Brazilian newspaper teamed up with the Bold Agency for the “(Un)known Columnists” campaign, with the hashtag: #deumavozportodas (translated as #onevoiceforall).

Twenty-five of the paper’s female columnists and bloggers interviewed real women to hear their stories of abuse. Then, the writer’s wrote in the first-person about all the forms of abuse women suffer every day, including: physical, financial, sexual, psychological and virtual abuse.

The campaign features a striking black-and-white image of a young woman with a large bruise on her face. A black bar covers the woman’s mouth, with the words (Un)Known Columnists in white text. The image highlights the message of the campaign: Estadão‘s writers will give voice to the voiceless.


A short YouTube video uses similar images and text to explain how Estadão helped spread the word about the important campaign online.

Client: Estadão
Agency: Bold Agency