Siggi’s proves sweetness is better is small doses

The yogurt company launched a new campaign featuring men going a little too far to show their affection.

There is such a thing as being too sweet.

At least that’s the message American yogurt company Siggi’s is not-so-subtly conveying in their latest campaign created by New York creative agency Office of Baby.

Siggi’s is a low-sugar yogurt created by a home-sick Icelander – Siggi Hilmarsson – who yearned for the familiar taste of Icelandic soft cheese (known there as “skyr”, but commonly referred to as a yogurt) while living in America. How sweet.

But the company’s two 15-second ad spots? They take sweet to an unsavoury – or, we say, savoury – level.

In “Love,” a man is seen surprising his sleeping girlfriend with flowers and a violin player, both barely visible among a sea bay pink balloons. It really brings new meaning to the term ‘claustrophobic relationship’.

In “Tattoo,” a man reveals a large back tattoo featuring his girlfriend’s face and and a very permanent proclamation of eternal love.

The videos both feature the tagline “Not too sweet is sweet enough.”


Client: Siggi’s
Agency: Office of Baby