Post-it gets a bright idea

Ads by Ogilvy Istanbul highlight the places you're most likely to need the sticky notes.


Ogilvy Istanbul came up with a bright idea to promote one of its stickiest clients: Post-it.

The Turkish agency paints the town yellow in a series of three new ads, appropriately referred to as “Bright Idea” 1 through 3. Each poster contains a bright yellow square in the shape of a Post-it note superimposed on a dark background, highlighting a man in the setting of his home, his garage and his office – the places where, presumably,  the square-shaped, detachable sticky notes are most handy to him.

The bright pieces of sticky paper also come in handy for a good-old Post-it war, when agencies want to, ahem, stick it to each other.




Advertising agency: Ogilvy, Istanbul, Turkey
Executive creative director: Selim Ünlüsoy
Creative directors: Bahadırhan Pekşen, Önder Bayraktar
Copywriter: Eren Altuniş
Art director: Mehmet Demirel
Account manager: İhya Selim
Illustrator: Emek Kalfa