Pandas and turtles and rhinos, oh my!

FCB Canada produces visually-stunning videos with a serious message for the CDSS.

turtleA baby dressed in a turtle costume is perhaps the cutest thing you’ll see all week. OK, all year. It will make your heart explode, it’s so cute. But there’s a serious message behind the cute video by FCB Canada for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS). The number of people with Down syndrome is dwindling.

In its latest campaign for CDSS the agency got some people who are directly affected by their community numbers dwindling to dress up as endangered animals to raise awareness for the bold “Endangered Syndrome” push.

rhinoThere was someone in a rhino costume showing off his strength.

lionA lion with a very impressive paper mane.

pandaA smile-y panda.

polarbearAnd a polar bear in a cool costume in a cold setting.

And they all shared the same surprising message: They are an endangered species and are going to apply to become the first people ever on the endangered list. Watch the videos above to see how you can help all the lions, pandas, polar bears, and turtles out there get the assistance they dearly need now and in the future.


Client: Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS)
Agency: FCB Canada