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Try on a living shirt

Clothing made with tiny organisms that know when you’re sweating.

Emmanuel Lubezki insta

Emmanuel Lubezki on Insta

The cinematography icon also happens to be a killer photog.


A Boreal Collective of photographers

While the industry is being dismantled, this group is trying to redefine it.

Several Seconds

Flickr finds

You’d be surprised by the talent on this (arguably) dated platform.

American Auburb X

American Suburb X

Examine photography and culture under this site’s lens.


Constructing reality with wires

Artist Yuichi Ikehata blurs the line between art and reality.


The sweetest type

A hand-crafted typeface that’s dripping in honey.


Stuff couches, not animals

This artist uses found materials to make animal-friendly taxidermy.


Say it with coffee stains

Complete these postcards with your favourite brown ring.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.45.25 PM

Rush hour becomes art hour

Stockholm puts the world’s longest art gallery in its subway.