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fontus 1

Making water out of thin air

Fontus is a self-filling water bottle. Need we say more?

what we talk about

What We Talk About

A fascinating quarterly lecture series by literary magazine Little Brother.


The $1,000,000 spud

That’s right. This photograph of a potato went for a million big ones.


Remember to exhale, folks

This timelapse film was created over two years and in eight locations.


Muddy’s Pit BBQ

Real BBQ, sold by the pound and not at all fancy.

alex 3

The art of Alex Andreyev

There’s an otherworldly world in this artist’s head.

Lev Yilma_1

What Lev Yilmaz worries about

Tales of Mere Existence is about alienation and other fun things.

Julia Kocevas (1)

Putting pencil to paper, over and over again

This artist creates perfect images by simply dotting the page.


Twenty Four by Thirty Six: A film about film poster art

This local doc “explores the birth, death and resurrection” of the poster.


NSFW cartoons and comics

Duncan Keeley’s twisted illustrations about life.