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SaltSpring Kitchen

Jam that’s almost too good for bread.


Energy-ridden drink recipes

Cocktails to get you up and going.


Mike Perry’s nude exhibit

Would you have your bits doodled by this guy?


Inoreader is more than a news feeder

…it’s speed reading on steroids.

cooking with dog

Cooking with Dog

Poodles make the best sous-chefs.


Uncle Sam wants you to play this game

Cryptaris Mission is a new way to recruit for the army.


Now we can all create our own reality shows

Move over, selfie stick. The drones are coming.

baby fetus

Introducing Babypod, the tampon speaker

A new and scary way to play music to your fetus.


To have and to Chairish

Meet Chairish. The wealthy, more attractive cousin of Ebay.

dicture gallery

Welcome to Dicture Gallery

This photog is creating high fashion (starts with a “D”) pics.