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All the colours of the rainbow (and CN Tower)

Our Carte Blanche picks also include snack cakes, giant night lights and the cleanest billboard you’ve ever seen!


Mouths were meant for eating, not running

Snickers wants the haters to eat their words.

Touche Scent

What should an agency smell like?

Media buying shop Touche paired with super-specialized company Elixir Marketing Olfactif in order to create its own “signature scent.”


Have some burning bubbly

Tabasco is celebrating its 150th birthday with a limited edition, champagne-inspired package.

Fierce Mamas 1

You better work (mama)

The&Partnership’s Kammy Ahuja delivered a take on Mother’s Day cards that don’t focus on sacrifice.

03 Kidney

The most precious gift

McCann Health Brazil’s re-imagining of crucial organs promotes donation in a creative fashion.

unnamed (5)

Montreal Jazz Festival’s sensational new branding

Bleublancrouge used data for everything from hand claps to beer purchases to create this new identity.


Holograms with a human touch

Rosapark displayed the true beauty of Brussels: its people.



Ogilvy’s new work for KFC is, as the kids say, lit.

Moosehead 1

Moosehead gets a moose makeover

Tapping design firm Art and Mechanical, the brewery put the big guy front-and-centre with its new, simplified labels.