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DAZN - Rise To Greatness - OOH

DAZN flaunts the greats

The streamer (best known for football) wants to get the word out about its soccer offering.


Settle in for a creature feature

Les Evades delivered a whimsical take on cinematic classics for Cinema du Parc.


YMCA Quebec breaks beyond limits

Ogilvy’s digital spots show that when you have someone on your side, the possibilities open up.


Logo a-go-go

Emanuele Abrate’s showcase of popular logos with their fonts front and centre is not only entertaining, but also a great creative resource.


This is not the worst song in the world, this is just a tribute

Rosapark went a pretty long way to drive home a point about grocery delivery. And you know what? We love it.

Good Loop

Knorr’s latest ad does good

Ad-tech company Good-Loop wants to reward those in need when you watch the video.

STM Kico

There’s something hiding in these ads

A new ad format by the Societe de transport de Montreal is also a fold-out pop-up shop.


Try a little tenderness (or empathy)

Cossette’s new spots for Intact Insurance show that getting in tune with your feelings goes a long way.


Watch this label come to life

Street artist Théo Lopez’s VR creation brings this beer to a whole new dimension.


Some issues are black and white’s campaign for the Maria de Penha Institute shows that when women speak up, a ripple effect begins.