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BC Hydro gets wired

A new safety campaign turns the subject into art.


The Pirates of Lake Ontario

In an effort to promote the latest Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney staged a storming of Polson Pier.


Bicycle races are coming your way…

Mobile app Biko, which converts cycling into redeemable points, has just touched down in Toronto.

red lobster lip balm

Red Lobster gets lippy

For its silver anniversary, the restaurant chain has taken the utterly conventional route of releasing a biscuit-scented lip balm.

tea robot

How about a literal tea party?

Check out this French designer’s dancing tea pot.

Student Body Armor

A bulletproof new advocacy campaign

Introducing Student Body Armour, protest fashion from Texas students.


Johnsonville taps its employees for creative. Again.

The food company’s workers share their meaty dreams in the latest campaign.

yes good

Yes very good campaign now

Emerald Nuts gets creative with customer reviews.


Verizon cuts through the traffic

The brand’s HumRider video, by Thinkmodo, offers a fantasy for frustrated drivers.

EAN Gifs

Does it really get better?

The EAN creates escalating GIFs to take on bullying.